Titan Gear Syn 75w90 20 ltrs


Semi synthetic driveline oil

  • Total driveline oil
  • Suitable for gearboxes and hypoid axles
  • Smooth gear shifting at all temperatures
  • Maintains viscosity under all conditions
  • Excellent wear protection

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TITAN GEAR SYN 75w90 is a high performance semi synthetic gear oil for use in manual gearboxes and final drive units fitted to most modern cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.

The latest technology is utilised to give excellent performance in both synchromesh gearboxes and heavily loaded final drive units. The semi synthetic base oils give further improvements in thermal stability and load carrying ability. Very shear stable viscosity modifiers ensure minimal viscosity loss and optimum protection under allconditions and at all temperatures.


  • SAE 75W/90
  • API GL4/GL5


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