Titan DCTF 20 ltrs


Premium Performance DCTF specially developed for use in modern double clutch transmissions with wet clutches. Combines optimum anti wear properties with excellent clutch performance.

  • Outstanding friction characteristics and stability over the whole drain interval
  • Offers best shifting properties even under severe conditions
  • Optimum anti wear performance
  • Best oxidation stability
  • Excellent corrosion protection characteristics
  • Very good low temperature characteristics
  • Most versatile, proven performance profile in the market
  • Key performance better than reference

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TITAN DCTF is a Premium Performance Double Clutch Transmission Fluid formulated with latest additive technology which was specially developed for use in modern wet double clutch transmissions.

The premium additive technology achieves to combine best anti-wear properties with outstanding friction characteristics and offers best shifting performance even under harsh conditions. All key performance tests conducted prove better performance than the reference fluid(s).


TITAN DCTF is specially developed for use in double clutch transmissions with wet clutches. Extensive test sequences and field trials were conducted to validate a wide performance profile which allows the use in many double clutch applications of different manufacturers. Even under severe conditions TITAN DCTF provides optimum shifting performance due to the outstanding friction characteristics over the whole drain interval. The well balanced additive technology offers best anti wear properties along with optimum clutch performance for the transmission.

In order to fully utilise the product’s benefits mixing with other gear oils should be avoided and a complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN DCTF.

FUCHS Recommendations

  • BMW Drivelogic 7-speed
  • Chrysler Powershift 6-speed
  • FORD Powershift 6-speed
  • Mitsubishi TC-SST 6-speed
  • Peugeot DCS 6-speed
  • Citroen DCS 6-speed
  • RENAULT EDC 6-speed
  • Volvo Powershift 6-speed
  • VW (AUDI, SEAT, SKODA) 6-speed FWD


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