Bio Hyd 32 Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 20 ltrs

Multi application biodegradable hydraulic fluid for use in construction, agriculture and forestry.  Manufactured in the Uk by Rock Oil


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Bio Hyd 32 is a fully formulated Hydraulic Oil which has low toxicity and is biodegradable.

The product has unlimited application in areas such as construction, agriculture and forestry where environmentally friendly products are preferred.


  • The use of Bio Hyd 32 significantly reduces the environmental effect of spillage and leakages.
  • Leakages from any source of mineral fluids has a potential for serious environmental pollution not only in designated protected areas such as water catchment areas, but anywhere the lubricant is released into natural surroundings
  • The performance of Bio Hyd 32 in all plant and equipment matches that of a fully formulated hydraulic fluid of each viscosity grade
  • Bio Hyd is compatible with all materials used in the construction of hydraulic units in steel, ferrous, plastic and rubber components
  • As Bio Hyd will not emulsify in water, and remains on the surface it enables its removal from water environments simple, making the product suitable on or near water processing plants
  • Unlike some products that are based upon a Glycol formulation, Bio Hyd has extremely high lubricating properties


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