Renolit Duraplex EP2 500g REINER CRT


Water resistant multi-purpose grease for high loads and high temperatures

  • Multi purpose lubricating grease
  • Water resistant
  • Work stable
  • Resists high thermal loads
  • Lubricates under high mechanical loads
  • Resistant to aging
  • Enhanced anti-corrosion
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RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 2 is a lithium complex soap based multipurpose lubricating grease for long-term lubrication.

RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 2 is workstable, water resistant, thermally and mechanically highly loadable, resistant to aging and is particularly anti-corrosive.


RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 2 is recommended for all lubricating points particularly if high demands on service life, temperature capability and corrosion protection are required.

RENOLIT DURAPLEX EP 2 is suitable for permanent and long-term lubrication of roller bearings in e.g.

  • electric motors in the chemical industry
  • clutch release bearings in motor cars
  • bearings of hot air fans
  • bearings in construction machinery

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12 x 500 g, 30 x 500 g


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