Renolit PU-FH 300 20 x 400g CRT


Heavy duty long-life polyurea grease

  • High-temperature grease
  • Resistant against acidic and caustic solutions
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Lubricates under high load, EP conditions
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RENOLIT PU-FH 300 is a polyurea grease with excellent EP and anti-wear properties based on a high viscosity mineral base oil. The combination of the special base oil, a high-quality, extremely shear stable polyurea thickener and a carefully selected additive package ensures good long-life characteristics.

RENOLIT PU-FH 300 provides very good water resistance and corrosion protection properties. It also protects in unfavourable environmental conditions such as aggressive atmospheres and salt water over  a wide temperature range.


RENOLIT PU-FH 300 is recommended for the lubrication of all high-temperature plain and roller bearings in industrial applications such as hot-air blowers, tumble dryers, black-rubber mixers, paper industry dryers, electric motors and hot air flaps.

RENOLIT PU-FH 300 is also suitable for the use in  centralised lubrication systems.




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