Renolit LX-PEP 2 Reiner Cartridge 12 x 500 g

EP longlife multipurpose grease

  • Temperature range -30ºC to +150ºC
  • Good aging resistance
  • Good EP properties
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Good corrosion protection


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RENOLIT LX-PEP 2 is a multipurpose EP grease with a wide temperature range. Mineral base oil along with high quality lithium soap and a carefully selected additive combination give this grease outstanding performance. Special EP additives improve the load carrying capacity providing reliable lubrication even under extreme conditions.

It has exceptional anti-corrosion properties even under adverse environmental factors (moist, aggressive atmosphere and water). They ensure lifetime lubrication of roller bearings operating under high thermal loads.

It has excellent anti-wear properties and can be applied within a wide temperature range.


RENOLIT LX-PEP 2 is used generally for all grease lubricated sliding surface points, all types of plain and roller bearings, various types of gears, plain and roller bearings in the automotive sector, long-term or lifetime lubrication in the specified temperature range.


  • MAN 284 Li-H2.
  • MB approval 265.1
  • ZF TE-ML 12
  • Schaeffler Group
  • VW TL 52 147 X
  • Interprecise (IDC-Bearings)
  • Deutsche Bahn

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20 x 400 g, 18 kg


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