RENOLIT CX-HT 2 Reiner Cartridge 30 x 500 g

  • High work resistance
  • Good anti-wear properties
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Water resistant
  • EP resistant


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RENOLIT CX-HT 2 is a lubricating grease based on a high quality calcium sulphonate complex soap with a special selection of base oils.

It features excellent working stability, good anti-wear properties, extremely good EP resistance, and outstanding corrosion protection even in the presence of salt water.

It contains a solid lubricant package to improve the anti-wear properties under boundary friction condition even under high loads.


RENOLIT CX-HT 2 is used for lubrication of highly loaded, low speed plain and roller bearings, open gears and gear wheels.

It is used where special requirements of wear and corrosion protection under high temperatures are demanded, e.g. in

  • Wheel bearings in tunnel furnace cars
  • Rotary kilns and mills
  • Cement plants
  • Coal and ore mills
  • Assembly lines of diggers
  • Open gear racks and spindle bearings
  • Hot applications in brick, ceramic, gassy concrete and concrete industry


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