• Universal hydraulic and gear oil
  • Excellent pump wear protection
  • Excellent scuffing wear protection
  • Excellent roller bearing wear protection
  • High oxidative and thermal stability, good ageing stability
  • Excellent hydrolysis stability
  • High corrosion protection, also in the presence of humidity and water
  • Excellent yellow metal corrosion protection, also in the presence of humidity and water
  • Good air release and low foaming behaviour
  • Excellent behaviour to sealing material
  • Zinc and ash-free (free of heavy metal)
  • Latest phosphorous/sulphur additive technology


The new development of RENOLIN ZAF B HT Series is focused on high-thermal and oxidative stability in combination with excellent wear protection properties. New zinc and ash-free additive technology in combination with selected mineral base oils (solvent neutral) guarantees excellent hydraulic performance as well as gear oil properties. The new development of these products is focused on new sulphur phosphorous additive technology.
This P/S technology, combined with selected antioxidant and corrosion protection additives, guarantees extraordinary robust performance and wear protection. The products of the RENOLIN ZAF B HT Series (HT = high temperature stability) guarantee excellent wear protection in hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors (the Vickers Vane pump performance test is passed with excellent low wear rates, the wear of the ring and vanes in the Vane Pump Test are significantly lower compared to conventional zinc and ash-free phosphorous sulphur formulations). RENOLIN ZAF B HT Series guarantees excellent copper and yellow metal corrosion protection. The corrosion protection in standard test conditions as well as in wet test conditions shows very good result. The copper and yellow metal test coupons are protected also under the influence of high humidity/water.
The RENOLIN ZAF B HT products have passed the relevant industrial gear oil wear tests (according to DIN 51517, part 3) with good results. Especially the wear protection in the FZG test (FZGA/8.3/90) is passed with a failure load stage > 12 which is an excellent result. The formulation shows also excellent wear protection of roller bearing in the roller bearing wear test. The relevant test in the FAG/FE8



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