Zinc and ash free hydraulic fluids, demulsifying with excellent wear protection

• Improved wet and dry filterability
• Compatible with most mineral hydraulic oils
• Maintains performance across wide temperature spectrum
• Fully inhibited against wear, rust and oxidation
• Excellent hydrolytic stability and extremely low foaming
• Formulated with viscosity index improver, pour point depressant, anti-foam, anti-oxidant, anti-wear and rust inhibitor
• Suitable for use in equipment containing silver plated components

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The RENOLIN ZAF HV RANGE of hydraulic fluids have been developed to meet the challenge posed by hydraulic systems which are sensitive to viscosity variations, by the inclusion of shear stable viscosity stabilisers.
This range is also ideal for powering hydraulic systems working in refrigerated plant, mobile equipment, or where the system demands a fluid capable of working over a wide temperature range. Based on high quality mineral oil, the RENOLIN ZAF HV RANGE offer excellent product characteristics including better viscosity / temperature relationship than conventional type hydraulic fluids, enhanced anti-wear, anti-oxidation, demulsification and air release properties, along with decreased sludge formation and improved wet and dry filterability.
Another major factor is their compatibility with silver plated components in hydraulic circuits.


Formulated for use in hydraulic systems which are sensitive to viscosity variations or operate in extremes of temperature.


• DIN 51 524-3: HVLP
• ISO 6743-4: HV


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