Renolin HI Temp Chain Lube 20 ltrs

Synthetic chain lubricant fortified with solid lubricant, high temperature environments

  • Suitable for use up to approximately 500ºC (solid film phase) and 280ºC in the fluid phase
  • Excellent lubricity at high temperature
  • Avoids carbon build-up
  • Low volatility
  • High resistance to water
  • Good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties
  • Good penetration/wetting out
  • Negligible odour


4 in stock

4 in stock


RENOLIN HI TEMP CHAIN LUBE contains graphite as a solid phase lubricant, which continues to lubricate following evaporation of the fluid phase. This solid film offers continued lubrication up to temperatures of approximately 500ºC which leads to reduced power loss in chain drives.

No residue is left following evaporation of the graphite and this fact coupled with the use of synthetic base fluid means that no build up of harmful by-products is encouraged. Such build-up invariably leads to lubricant starvation within the vital chain pin/roller area, which in turn accelerates the wear process. A further advantage of the solid phase is that it helps to protect against corrosion in wet environments and also reduces wear in abrasive environments.

RENOLIN HI TEMP CHAIN LUBE is based on special synthetic lubricants, giving excellent lubricity and anti wear characteristics. Anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation performance is enhanced by incorporating a uniquely balanced blend of additives. The lubricant may be applied either manually or by automatic pumped systems (shot or spray lubrication). When used with such systems, the low volatility of

RENOLIN HI TEMP CHAIN LUBE ensures the elimination of any problems associated with misting of the lubricant.


RENOLIN HI TEMP CHAIN LUBE is ideally suited for use on chain drives and gearing in dryers, paint and curing ovens, along with high temperature applications on slideways, open gearing and fluid lubricated bearings.

RENOLIN HI TEMP CHAIN LUBE may be used in automotive, ceramic, steel foundry, timber and textile industries.


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