Renolin GP 100 20 ltrs


A range of general purpose mineral oils

  • Cost effective general purpose lubricants
  • Based on highly refined base oils with inherent resistance to degradation
  • Excellent water and air separation
  • Suitable for use in both industrial and automotive applications (where applicable)

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A range of non-additive general purpose mineral oils prepared from highly refined base oils. The products have inherently high resistance to the formation of sludges, lacquers and other oxidation products. They exhibit excellent water separation properties and rapid release of entrained air.

All the products are widely used for many general purpose applications where the viscosity is appropriate and where fortified oils are not required.


  • Circulatory, total loss and gear systems, where a non EP oil is specified.
  • The lower viscosity grades are frequently used in recirculating and total loss lubrication systems. Certaingrades are also suitable for use as mould release oils in the cement / concrete industry, for use with steeland fibreglass moulds.
  • The heavier grades may be recommended for industrial and automotive worm gear and reduction gear units where non EP oils are appropriate.
  • The products may be used where gear oils to API GL1 are required.


  • The products may be used where gear oils to API GL1 are required.
  • BR 664 (M22) – RENOLIN GP22, BR 664 (M68) – RENOLIN GP68


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