Renolin AC 2000V 20 ltrs


High quality, OEM standard rotary vane compressor lubricant 

  • Long life OEM quality fluid
  • Low deposit forming tendency
  • Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Rapid separation of oil/air for minimal carry-over and improved separator life
  • Long separator / reclaimer life with minimal differential pressure rise
  • Corrosion inhibited, highly stable formula
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RENOLIN AC 2000V is a premium quality air compressor oil formulated from highly refined mineral oil and incorporating hi-tech additives that minimise oxidation, deposit formation, foaming and filter blocking to give performance to the exacting standards of many OEMs.

Fuchs UK have 30 years experience in formulating lubricants to meet the demanding requirements of vane compressors. Many factors must be taken into account including: compressor component metallurgy, particularly in respect of rotor and vane wear response to base oils and additives, air release properties, operating temperature and humidity, oil carry-over, separator element life, and downstream considerations. (i.e. heath and safety, materials compatibility and good oil/water separation.)


Specially formulated to give “2000 hour” fluid life and developed to meet the requirements of Hydrovane compressors and other similar vane compressors to give very long, trouble-free compressor life when a fluid of this viscosity is recommended.

RENOLIN AC 2000V is formulated for use in industrial compressors, train brake compressors, vehicle mounted and portable road breaking compressors.

The product utilises a stable advanced formula designed to retain high performance characteristics throughout use in continuous operation and under stop/start conditions.

Vane compressors generally require a viscous oil to give a good rotor/stator seal. The conservatively rated RENOLIN AC 2000V is, by choice, based upon a special mineral oil fraction to minimise solids generation under highly oxidative conditions in the compression cycle. It should not be assumed that synthetic-based lubricants, (ester, PAO or hydrocracked) will necessarily provide longer oil and separator life, less component wear, or lower oil carryover.


  • DIN 51 506 VD-L
  • BS ISO 6743-3
  • Meets OEM specifications for Compair and other leading OEMs


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