Renoclean Jiffex Solvent Cleaner 20 ltrs


Solvent based, emulsifiable degreaser

  • Low odour
  • Suitable for use as a straight solvent or as an emulsifiable cleaner
  • Semi-stable emulsions are formed with water
  • Low volatility to help maintain an acceptable working environment
  • Free from chlorinated solvents

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RENOCLEAN JIFFEX SOLVENT CLEANER is a pale straw, low viscosity solvent cleaner with powerful degreasing properties. It can be emulsified with water and may be either rinsed away or wiped off. It is suitable for most degreasing purposes and is formulated to assist in effluent disposal.


Suitable for cleaning metal, concrete, tiled and painted surfaces and for most plastic and synthetic rubbers.

Method of Use

RENOCLEAN JIFFEX SOLVENT CLEANER is an ideal cleaner for metal, concrete, ceramic and most painted surfaces. It may be applied by brushing, wiping, low pressure spray or by soaking in a tank. It should then be wiped, allowed to drain or rinsed away with clean water.

RENOCLEAN JIFFEX SOLVENT CLEANER is generally used neat or in its emulsified form, but it may be diluted with up to five times its volume of a suitable non-aqueous solvent to increase its power or economy.




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