Renoclean Alkaline Cleaner 20 ltrs

Water-soluble cleaner

  • Effective over a wide temperature range, although most efficient with hot water
  • Economical in use due to low dilution
  • Wide range of application methods as detailed in


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Renoclean Alkaline cleaner is a low foaming highly alkaline detergent fluid specifically developed for the removal of heavy grease and grime from machinery, vehicle chassis, floors and many other hard surfaces.


Suitable For Use Across A Wide Range Of Industries, Including Industrial, Food And Automotive.

RENOCLEAN ALKALINE CLEANER is ideal for use in the food industry, being fully water-soluble and leaving no residue after rinsing. Application methods include manual brushing or wiping, pressure spray or steam cleaners.

RENOCLEAN ALKALINE CLEANER is ideal for use in automatic floor scrubbing machines.

Method of Use

Typical dilution with water at the following ratios;

  • General cleaning: 1:100
  • Chassis cleaning: 1:50 to 1:200
  • Heavy grime: 1:25

‘Method of Use’

  • Contains special anti-scale ingredient
  • Uses only biodegradable surfactants


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