Renep C 220 Slideway Oil 20 ltrs


A range of versatile slideway and adhesive lube oils

  • Excellent lubricity under high pressure working conditions
  • Anti-wear additives to maximise machine tool life
  • Lubricates and flows freely even at very low temperatures
  • Wide range of viscosities available to suit most applications

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The RENEP C 220 slideway oil is specially designed to meet the exacting lubricant requirements of modern machine tool slideways. The products provide maximum protection against wear and corrosion with excellent adhesion to the slideways even under the most difficult working conditions.

The RENEP C RANGE is also ideally suited for use with rock drills and pneumatic tools where the internal airtemperature may be very low due to air expansion, the special formulation enables the lubricant to flow freely.Special additives are incorporated which combine with the water vapour inherent in pneumatic tools to form aprotective coating on the working surfaces, giving excellent protection against corrosion.


The RENEP C RANGE are specifically formulated for use as machine tool slideway lubricants. The products within the range can also be used as circulatory oils, pneumatic tool lubricants, rock drill oils, general purpose lubricants and chain oils, depending upon specific manufacturer’s requirements.

These products have also been successfully used for wire rope and guide rail lubrication, depending on viscosity.


  • ISO 6743 Part 4 – Type HG


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