Plantomot LA MAXX 5w40 20 ltrs

High performance rapidly biodegradable energy conserving SAE 5W-40 engine oil produced from renewable resources

  • Biodegradable according to CEC-L-33A greater than 80%1)
  • Excellent cold start-ups even at very low temperature
  • About 30% quicker oil circulation, therefore less engine wear and up to 4.5% lower fuel consumption2). Up to 20% less oil consumption2)
  • Significant reduction in evaporation loss, therefore fewer particle emissions. A very low tendency to vaporise, results in extraordinarily low oil consumption
  • Particularly effective when used with vegetable oil fuels and their derivatives
  • Excellent solvency power dissolves degradation products associated with the use of plant derived fuels
  • Improves engine cleanliness and engine life when plant derived fuels are used

1) After 21 days.

2) Compared with other conventional 15W-40 oils.


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A high quality engine oil suitable for petrol and diesel engines. PLANTOMOT LA MAXX 5w40 is biodegradable and produced from renewable resources


PLANTOMOT LA MAXX 5W-40 can advantageously be used with fuels derived from vegetable based sources and where the fuel meets the conventional standards for bio diesel (DIN EN 14214) and pure vegetable oils (DIN V51605).

For normally aspirated and turbocharged diesel and gasoline engines in cars, vans, buses and industrial machinery.


Tried and tested and meets the following, specifications and test procedures: –

  • API CF-4/SG


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