Hydrotherm 46 M RED 20 ltrs


Fire resistant, Group HFC hydraulic oil

  • Approved according to the 7th Luxembourg Report
  • Good wear protection
  • High viscosity index
  • Low pour point
  • Optimised corrosion protection
  • Good heat conductivity
  • High resistance to bacteria, fungi and yeasts
  • Easily filtered
  • Free of nitrite and MEG (monoethylene glycol)
  • Biologically degradable
  • Also available dyed red for identification purposes as HYDROTHERM 46 M RED

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Fuchs Hydrotherm 46 M Red is a fire resistant, group HFC hydraulic fluid according to DIN 51 502, aqueous polymer solution containing up to 50 % water. HYDROTHERM 46 M fulfils the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Report, is biodegradable and free of nitrite and monoethylene glycol.


Fire resistant HFC hydraulic fluid according to VDMA 24 317 for use in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems where there is a risk of fire, in the steel industry in rolling mills, in die-casting bays and in mining applications. To ensure fire resistance, the product should not be used at temperatures above +60ºC..


  • HYDROTHERM 46 M fulfils the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Report and is approved for use in the German lean coal mining industry.


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