HVI 46 High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil by Rock Oil


High Viscosity Index hydraulic fluid for use in places where wide ranges of temperature are encountered such as fork lifts operating in cold stores or brick kilns. Manufactured in the Uk by Rock Oil.

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HVI 46 Hydraulic Oil is a fluid based on premium grade paraffinic base stocks combined with the most advanced additive packs available to give the finest quality “HIGH VISCOSITY INDEX” fluids, permitting their use over a wider range of temperatures.

HVI 46 contains an additive package for hydraulic fluids conforming to DIN 51524 part.3 and AFNOR NF E 48-603 (HL, HM & HV)


  • Machinery exposed to low temperature in the open.
  • Systems exposed to wide changes in temperature such as fork trucks operating into cold stores or brick kilns.


  • Show less change in viscosity over a wide temperature scale
  • Longer life with excellent oxidation stability
  • Reduced wear and high corrosion resistance
  • Good anti-foam characteristics
  • Good demulsibility
  • Good seal compatibility


Rock Oil HVI Hydraulic oils are NOT suitable where zinc free oils are specified, for example where silver plated components are present.

Performance Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations:

  • Parker Denison HF-0
  • Eaton Brochure 03-401-2010
  • DIN 51524 PART 3 (incl. 1 & 2)
  • MAG IAS P-69, P-68, P-70
  • Bosch Rexroth RD90220
  • SAE MS1004
  • ISO 11158 HV & HM
  • ASTM D6158 HM


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