Vanishing Oil AQ-GM

Vanishing Oil AQ-GM enhances tool-life, operator comfort, and surface finish. Friction reduction improvers. Hydrocarbon-free. Has low odour and is fast drying.  Can be used on various metals.  It does not stain and is low residue.


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Description – Vanishing Oil AQ-GM

Vanishing Oil AQ-GM is a modern high quality, high performance cutting oil to give significant enhancements in tool-life, operator comfort, and surface finish.  It is based on a special combination of synthetic friction reduction improvers. It is hydrocarbon-free.  The oil is a non-VOC vanishing oil, which gives virtually no residues on formed components. It is fast drying and very low odour.  It is especially suitable for non-ferrous metal applications, including all aluminium and aluminium alloys. Suitable for use in blanking, forming, punching, and pressing of non-ferrous metals, giving superior surface finish and tool-life.

Components can generally be welded and painted without post treatment.


  • Low Odour
  • Faster Drying
  • Multi-metal
  • Non Staining
  • Low residues

Typical Physical Properties 

  • Appearance: Pale Amber Liquid
  • Specific Gravity: ~1.00 @ 20oC
  • EP Performance: Moderate / High
  • Viscosity at 40oC:  2cSt
  • Lubricity: High
  • Chlorine: Nil
  • Sulphur (active): Nil
  • Usage Concentration: As supplied

Application Method

Do not use this oil to top up conventional vanishing oils, as they are not compatible.  All reservoirs must be drained before being refilled.  You can apply this oil by brush, swab, roller, spray, or automatic applicator.

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Vanishing Oil AQ-GM

20 Litres, 205 Litres


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