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Description – Vanishing Oil AQ10

Vanishing Oil AQ10 is a modern vanishing oil.  It is of high quality and will provide you with high performance.  The oil will significantly improve tool-life, operator comfort and surface finishes.  It uses a specific formula that contains a special mix of synthetic friction reducing enhancers.  Vanishing Oil AQ10 is a non-VOC vanishing oil, so there is virtually no residues on formed components.  It is suitable for use in the assembly of rubber parts.  Being oil-free means that it is compatible with EPDM, Nitrile and other common seal materials used in auto-motive functions. It is also non-hazardous and not drying to the skin.

The product dries fast and has very low odour.  You can use this oil for multi-metal uses, including all non-ferrous and ferrous alloys. Vanishing Oil AQ10 is useable in the blanking, forming, punching, and pressing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals  This gives metals superior surface finishes and tool-life.

Vanishing Oil AQ10

The oil is non staining and low residue, meaning hardly any of the product will be left behind. You cannot and must not top up conventional vanishing oils with this product.  You will have to make sure all reservoirs are drained before being refilled.  The oil can be applied by brush, swab, roller, spray, or automatic application.

Vanishing Oil AQ10

Typical Physical Properties

  • Appearance: pale amber liquid.
  • Specific Gravity:  ~1.00 @ 20oC.
  • Performance under Extreme Pressure (EP Performance): Moderate.
  • Viscosity at 40oC 2cSt.
  • Lubricity – High: massively reduces friction and wear to mechanisms.
  • Chlorine – Nil.
  • Sulphur (active) – Nil.
  • Usage Concentration – As supplied.

New Technology Water-Based Vanishing Oils

Recent developments in aqueous polymer technology has allowed John Neale Ltd to develop advanced vanishing oils with significant benefits over traditional solvent based lubricants. These types of lubricants have numerous characteristics and benefits:

  • Advanced polymer technology.
  • Suitable for forming, piercing, blanking, bending, nibbling, laser cutting etc on all metals both non-ferrous and ferrous alloys.
  • The oil has a fast drying time, which is a result of its rapid evaporation rate.
  • non-VOC vanishing oil as it contains no ‘solvents’.
  • Weld-able, can weld through with no adverse fumes and  has anti-spatter performance.
  • Water rinse-able, you can wash off with water if required.  We have found washing parts after process can usually be unnecessary.

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Vanishing Oil AQ10

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