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Description  – Cutting Oil 10 CP

Our Cutting Oil 10 CP is a neat cutting fluid that boasts high performance and low viscosity, .  It has been designed for Swiss-type machining.    The additive content of the cutting oil enhances its attributes.  As a result of this mix, the product is exceptional at limiting the friction caused by the processes of metalworking.  This gives excellent performance on ferrous and  non-ferrous metals including aerospace aluminium alloys and hard metal alloys.   Ferrous metals contain large amounts iron and have magnetic properties.   Ferrous metals include steel, cast iron, as well as alloys of iron with other metals (such as with stainless steel).  Non ferrous metals do not contain a large amount of iron.  These types of metal include aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, tin and lead.

The product is suitable for the grinding and machining of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  You can use this in difficult operations on aluminium and titanium, including tapping and reaming.  The fluid is based on highly saturated base oils and is designed for Swiss-type machining.

Cutting Oil 10 CP

Other viscosity grades are available including Cutting Oil 15CP, and 22CP.  These have the same high performance characteristics for Swiss-type machining.

Sought after properties in a good cutting fluid are its ability to:

  • Keep the workpiece at a stable temperature.  Maintaining a very warm temperature is deemed as acceptable.  Using extremely hot or alternating hot-and-cold temperatures is to be avoided.
  • Maximize the life of the cutting tip by lubricating the working edge and reducing tip welding.
  • Ensure safety for the people handling it (toxicity, bacteria, fungi) and for the environment upon disposal.
  • Prevent rust on machine parts and cutters.

cutting oil


  • Good thermal stability
  • Longer oil-life
  • Anti-oxidant performance
  • Low gumming and varnishes, which means that there is little residue left after using the product.
  • Very economical in-use.  It is a cost effective product.
  • High performance
  • You can use for the more difficult and challenging operations.
  • Multi-metal capability – You can use on numerous types of metals.
  • Rationalisation product.  This is means that the oil reduces the number of products needed and/or reduces the amount (volume) of product use to complete the task.

Cutting Oil 10 CP

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Cutting Oil 10CP

20 Litres, 205 Litres


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