Cutting Oil EC10

Cutting Oil EC10 is a non-HAP, non-VOC, semi-synthetic ester containing product. Suitable for grinding & machining. Improves tool life and surface finish.


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Description – Cutting Oil EC10

Cutting Oil EC10 is a non-HAP, non-VOC, semi-synthetic ester containing product suitable for high performance grinding and machining. The product gives ultimate surface finish and tool-life.

Cutting Oil EC10


  • Excellent lubricity
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Excellent EP (extreme pressure) Performance
  • Enhanced Tool-life
  • Cost effective and very economical in use
  • Non HAP
  • Non hazardous air pollutant

Application Method

This product is suitable for grinding and machining of all metals.  EC10 oil can be applied in mist and flood applications.

Cutting Oil EC10

Typical Physical Properties

  • Appearance is almost water white.
  • It has the Specific Gravity of ~0.87 @ 20oC
  • The foaming tendency is low.
  • Viscosity at 40oC is 12cSt.
  • Flash point is >200oC
  • The oil has a high lubricity, meaning it is highly capable of reducing friction well.
  • Chlorine (chemical) content is <5.
  • Sulphur (active) content is Ni <5.
  • The usage concentration is as supplied, there is no need for dilution or mixing.  It is ready to use.

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Cutting Oil EC10

20 Litres, 205 Litres


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