Groundsman SAE 30 petrol & diesel engine oil

A high performance engine oil formulated from a carefully balanced mixture of mineral base stocks fortified with the latest additive technology.

Groundsman SAE 30 is suitable for all makes of 4 stroke petrol and naturally aspirated diesel stationary engines found on horticultural machines.


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Groundsman SAE 30 petrol & diesel engine oil - 5 ltrs
Groundsman SAE 30 petrol & diesel engine oil - 20 ltrs


Groundsman SAE 30 performance features:

  • Produced specifically for horticultural engines
  • Excellent thermal stability for peak engine performance under all conditions
  • Low carbon build up
  • Highly sophisticated anti-wear package to prolong engine life
  • Specially formulated for use where a SAE 30 monograde is recommended

Groundsman SAE 30 Specifications & Approvals:

  • API SJ, SH, SG, SF, SE, SD, SC
  • CF-4, CF, CE, CD, CC

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5 ltrs, 20 ltrs


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