Ecopress 46 20 ltrs

Synthetic, biodegradable compressor oil 

  • Synthetic base – possesses excellent thermal stability ensuring trouble free operation
  • High stability – shows minimal degradation in service, helping to maximise separator life
  • High anti-wear performance – possesses excellent load carrying ability, ensuring low wear and long equipment life
  • Compatible with materials of construction used in compressors.


99 in stock

99 in stock


ECOPRESS 46 is a specially formulated high performance synthetic oil, for use in both rotary and reciprocating compressors. The product’s formulation also makes it suitable for use in other lubricating and hydraulic applications.

The highly stable synthetic lubricant is manufactured from ingredients which are bio-degradable.


ECOPRESS 46 is formulated for use in rotary and reciprocating compressors. It can also be used in other lubricating and hydraulic applications.


As with other synthetic fluids, may cause embrittlement of polycarbonate or other plastics in downstream air equipment. A change to stainless steel bowls is recommended


  • Bio-degradable – manufactured from bio-degradable materials assessed under test method CEC-L-33. The lubricant is 60 to 70% biodegradable after the standard 21 day test period of the CEC-L-33 test. If the test is allowed to continue, it reaches circa 80% bio-degradability in 28 days, and approaches 100% in 40 to 50 days.


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