Ecocool Ultralife M 20 ltrs

Semi-synthetic water soluble cutting fluid

  • Semi-synthetic formulation
  • Environmentally improved – does NOT contain sodium nitrite, phenols, triazene, PTBBA or chlorinated additives
  • Offers “best in class” performance in comparison to leading UK products
  • Proven to offer exceptional sump life
  • Developed with leading UK manufacturers
  • Optimum tool life
  • Good corrosion protection even at low concentrations
  • Excellent lubrication to cutting operation and machine fixtures, slides etc
  • Excellent surface finish quality and improved component finish
  • Excellent tramp oil rejection characteristics


91 in stock

91 in stock


ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE M “Advanced coolantology” is a concept developed by Fuchs Lubricants (UK) plc to describe the new and advanced development in metalworking fluid technology…the FUCHS ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE range.

The ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE range was developed through co-operative research between leading UK manufacturers and FUCHS’ expert team of engineers and chemists*; to develop a range of “best in class” coolants compared to other leading UK brands**.

ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE products were developed in response to HSE guidelines regarding working safely with metalworking fluids***, to offer products with extended sump life, exceptional resistance to bacterial growth and requiring minimal to zero maintenance. As part of the development process, ECOCOOL ULTRALIFE products were developed to show industry leading performance in areas of tramp oil rejection, detergency, lubricity, compatibility with modern tooling, low foaming and corrosion protection to offer users guaranteed improvements in coolant performance and management.


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