Ecocool SCIP 20 ltrs

pH-neutral, water-miscible cutting fluid EUROPEAN PATENT 1 102 830 / UNITED STATES PATENT 6.511.946 B1

  • Good skin compatibility as a result of low pH value tested according to TEWL
  • High emulsion stability
  • High corrosion protection
  • Low foaming
  • High cutting performance
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Optimum wetting, cooling and flushing performance
  • Leaves no sticky residues
  • Free of chlorine and zinc
  • Tried and tested formulations
  • Free of amines which easily form nitrosamines and conforms to German TRGS 611
  • ECOCOOL SCIP passes the Duhring-Kammer test


96 in stock

96 in stock


ECOCOOL SCIP is a water-miscible cutting fluid with special quality properties based on mineral oil / ester oil. When mixed with water, ECOCOOL SCIP produces a stable, milky white emulsion with a long life cycle. Due to the use of a balanced combination of emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and other additives, the following properties are ensured.


Due to the combination of selected substances, ECOCOOL SCIP is suitable for cutting of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

It is not recommended to use ECOCOOL SCIP for cutting of cast iron alloys. An increase in pH may occur during use. This is a product-specific occurrence and has absolutely no effect on the performance of the product.

The water used for the preparation of the emulsion should have a hardness between 1.5 – 2.5 mmol/L (approx. 8 – 15ºdH).

During the application period the water hardness should not exceed 6 mmol/L (approx. 35ºdH).


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