Anticorit PL3802-39LV8 205 ltrs


Prelube-washing oil

  • Suitable for coated sheets (Z, ZE, ZNE, ZF, prephosphated or bare) as well as mild steel and aluminium
  • Easily removable by water based alkaline cleaner, even when aged or subjected to high temperatures
  • Compatible with all adhesive / sealant materials used in the automobile industry
  • Good compatibility with catephoretic paint systems even if low-solvent and low-pigment paints are used
  • Safe to use because heavy metal and halogen-free and because low-aromatic base oils are used

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ANTICORIT PL3802-39LV8 is a low-viscosity, barium free automotive sheet steel lubricant for the cleaning of steel strips and blanks to remove dirt prior to stamping. It provides lubricity to improve draw-ability of metals and reduces die wear, protects the sheet metal and stamped parts from corrosion, offers excellent film stability even on vertical surfaces, is easily removed by water-based alkaline cleaners and provides phosphate, electrocoat primer and adhesive/sealer compatibility. The product is slightly turbid.

Higher viscosity versions with 60 cSt/40ºC designed for steel mill application are available as ANTICORIT PL 3802-39 S and with 100 cSt/40ºC for high performance press shop oiling as RENOFORM MCO 3802.


ANTICORIT PL3802-39LV8 is recommended for use in coil and blank washing equipment for the cleaning and protection of automotive sheet steel. If the film weight is in the region of 2 g/m², most of all subsequent pressing operations can be performed without any additional oiling.


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