Anticorit BW 366 20 Litres

High-performance corrosion preventive wax

  • Easy applied
  • Thixotropic product, doesn’t run off
  • Thermally stable film
  • Excellent corrosion protection


84 in stock

84 in stock


ANTICORIT BW 366 is a barium-free, high performance corrosion protection wax with a solvent. It produces a thick, touch resistant, long-term corrosion protection film.

The thixotropic ANTICORIT BW 366 is easy applicable also on vertical surfaces. ANTICORIT BW 366 is usable for most different applications: It is used as underbody protection and hollow-corrosion-protection in the car-industry. It provides an excellent corrosion protection on semi finished parts, press-tools and moulds. ANTICORIT BW 366 is also ideal for the long-term preservation of vehicles and equipment for the construction industry and for farming.


ANTICORIT BW 366 is applied by spraying, rolling or brushing. Concerning spraying, the valid safety precautions must be taken into consideration. At longer storage a thickening, caused by the thixotropic additives, may occur. The original quality is recreated simply by stirring. ANTICORIT BW 366 can be removed with solvents.


ANTICORIT BW 366 is approved by MAN under

  • M 3082 Typ D2

ANTICORIT BW 366 is also approved by the Federal Armed Forces under

  • TL 8030-015 (equates to MIL-C-16173D Grade IV)


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