Anticorit 988 20 ltrs

A lubricant, dewatering fluid, penetrating oil and a rust inhibitor in one

  • Excellent dewatering properties
  • Solvent deposited
  • Lubricates and penetrates
  • Provides an ultra thin anti-corrosion protective film
  • Medium drying properties
  • After drying, treated items are not slippery or difficult to handle


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ANTICORIT 988 has a variety of uses industrially, as a rust inhibitor it is superb and, after one application, rusting and scaling can be removed with a wire brush. Where there is particularly heavy or stubborn rusting, a second application may be necessary to help remove the corrosion and leave the metal surface fully protected with a micro-thin oily film. After use ANTICORIT 988 may be removed using a solvent, hot detergent wash or by wiping.


ANTICORIT 988 is an oil based product which also contains solvent that allows rapid penetration to inaccessible areas. The solvent evaporates leaving an oily film which lubricates the components enabling the immovable parts to be manipulated. Use as a penetrating and release agent when heavy duty threaded fastenings become seized either due to the effects of corrosion or heat.

ANTICORIT 988 is particularly suitable for corrosion protection on the following types of components:-

  • Small Individual ferrous and non-ferrous items.
  • Assembled parts – ferrous and non-ferrous.
  • Complex assemblies with internal surfaces.
  • Large simple assembled items.
  • Delicate mechanisms.


  • BS1133 Classification TP 2b


Fuchs recommends the use of our fully compatible RENOCLEAN cleaners to clean your components.

Method of Application

ANTICORIT 988 may be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing.

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