Agrifarm Universal HV 46 high viscosity hydraulic fluid 20 ltrs


Versatile multigrade hydraulic oil

  • Inhibited against corrosion and wear
  • Compatible with all sealing materials
  • Multigrade characteristics for optimum hydraulic response under all conditions
  • Universal use in farm equipment
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AGRIFARM UNIVERSAL HV 46 is a premium quality multipurpose hydraulic oil incorporating anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-oxidant agents to give long life under all operating conditions. Viscosity modifiers are also incorporated to give a precise hydraulic response at all temperatures.

AGRIFARM UNIVERSAL HV 46 is dyed blue for identification.


For all hydraulic systems used in mobile and static plant, mechanical handling equipment, diggers, excavators etc.


  • DIN 51 524-3, HVLP
  • ISO 6743-4 HV

FUCHS Recommendations

  • Abex Denison HF-0

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