Agrifarm STO 15w30 super universal tractor oil

Super Universal Tractor Oil

  • Uses latest technology
  • Popular choice, suitable for use in most agricultural tractors
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Protects engine and drive line against wear
  • Excellent hydraulic response
  • Includes anti-squawk agent for protection of wet brakes


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Agrifarm STO 15w30 super universal tractor oil – 20 ltrs

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Agrifarm STO 15w30 super universal tractor oil – 205 ltrs

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Agrifarm STO 15w30 combines modern additive technology in the approach to universal lubrication of diesel engines, transmissions and hydraulics, and meets most manufacturers wet brake requirements.

AGRIFARM STO 15W/30 meets the five main areas of performance requirement: wet brakes, independent power takeoff, tractor transmission, diesel engine operability and hydraulic pump test.


AGRIFARM STO 15W/30 is multi-purpose SAE 15W/30 multigrade oil developed as a universal lubricant for industrial and agricultural wheeled tractors.

AGRIFARM STO 15W/30 is suitable for use in most agricultural tractors including many current models.


  • MIL-L 2104C

FUCHS Recommendations

  • Abex Denison HF-0
  • Allison C3
  • Caterpillar Series 3 TO-2
  • Ford M2C 159B
  • John Deere J20A
  • Massey Ferguson M1135, M1139
  • Vickers Hydraulic

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20 ltrs, 205 ltrs


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